Suricata rule list

Free rule list for suricata Emerging Threats Open Ruleset – Suricata Positive Technologies Attack Detection Team Ruleset SSL Blacklist Suricata Ruleset SSLBL Snort / Suricata Botnet C2 IP Ruleset Suricata JA3 Fingerprint Ruleset @travisbgreen Threat hunting Ruleset OISF Suricata Traffic ID Ruleset Feodo Tracker Botnet C2 IP SSLBL Botnet C2 IP Blacklist ThreatFox IOCs feed \    Send article as PDF   

cisco 3850 upgrade ios

Upgrade from 3x to 16x software install file flash:cat3k_caa-universalk9.16.03.05.SPA.bin new force Upgrade from 16.x to 16.x: request platform software package install switch all file flash: new auto-copy Ref: Remove OLD IOS: request platform software package clean     Send article as PDF